How to Estimate Repairs Quickly & Easily 
How We Took the Mystery out of the Complicated Process of Crunching Numbers, And Turned it Into a simple easy process that you can complete in a matter of minutes...that Makes us between $30,000- $40,000 PER Deal!

Wednesday, January 17th

@ 9:00PM EST

Only 100 Spots

Very limited webinar...

Jim Zaspel

Seven-Figure Real Estate Investor 
If You Never Want to Miss Out on A Great  Deal Again Because it Took Too Long to Submit Your Offer...
Hey, my name is Jim Zaspel, and I've flipped over 250 houses...57 of them just last year! But there was a part of the business that was so hard and time-consuming, I almost quit....
And in full-disclosure here...

I'd lost tens of thousands of dollars on my first first buy/fix/flip deal...all because I was missing the key knowledge and tools necessary to be able to Crunch the numbers on Any Deal Quickly and Easily without having any type of construction background or experience.

You see most investors use only two figures to crunch numbers…...ARV and repair estimates.
What you don’t realize is the hidden cost you have missed in between. Whether you're a wholesaler or a rehabber you need to be a part of this training. 
What You Will Learn On This Virtual Training:
How to Estimate Repairs Quickly & Easily
I will show you how my assistant with no construction background can complete accurate repair estimates in a matter of minutes...without ever visiting a single property
Most Overlooked BIG Repair Items
I will walk you through video tours of properties and show you exactly how to spot these repair items and how you can avoid missing them in your walk through. What to fix and whats not worth fixing. 
How to Calculate Your Offer Quickly & Easily 
I will walk you through pulling accurate comparables, how to determine a accurate ARV and what other hidden cost you should factor into every deal. 
This is just the tip of the iceberg of what we will cover in the live in-depth 90 minute training on How to Estimate Repairs Quickly & Easily 
Once I created these life-saving tools and process for our business, I suddenly found myself able to accurately estimate repairs in just 12 minutes...and thereby enabling me to make 20 offers per week...and crush my competition! :)
Last Year, these Tools Made us $1,200,000!!
I've been called a "seminar and education junkie" before...and I'm OK with that! Why? Because self-education makes you a fortune!
Read the Fine Print!
YES, you WILL get the recording of the training
YES, you will be VERY well-equipped to estimate repairs quickly and accurately -- on city houses AND suburb houses!
Even If You Have No Construction Experience, this Training WILL Enable You to Estimate Repairs Quickly and Easily!

All this for only $7!!

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