How to Make a Extra $3k- $10k per Month Part-time Wholesaling Houses 

How to Wholesale 1-3 deals Every Month for $3,000 - $10,000 Profit EACH!

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YOUR Path to $5k in 30 Days Wholesaling Houses!
Learn how to do your 1st (or next!) deal in 30 days or less and duplicate the process to earn over six-figures a year part-time!
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Thursday October 11th 2018 9:00 pm est 
What Is Wholesaling?
Wholesaling is an amazing way to make money flipping houses that doesn’t require any capital (well, not more than $100 per deal) or a license. In fact, when I wholesaled my first deal, I was only 22 years old, and I made $13,800 on my FIRST Deal!

***I’ll show you step-by-step how to get started wholesaling houses…click the RSVP button at the bottom of the page.***

Does Wholesaling Take a Lot of Time?
Wholesaling is a business for busy people! Why? Because you’re not having to manage tenants or contractors! Just like anything worth having, it will definitely take consistent effort on your part, but if you only have 5-15 hours per week, then trust me…you’ve got PLENTY of time!
In fact, on Wednesday’s training (see the button at the bottom of the page), I’m going to show you how to leverage your time and make more money in less time!

Can I Do 1 – 3 Deals per Month Part-Time?
Totally! Like I said earlier, because you’re not doing repairs to houses yourself, you’re not managing contractors, and you’re not managing tenants, it’s really not that time-consuming! You’ll simply get consistent at finding the “hidden” deals that are hiding in plain sight…and flipping them for BIG profits!
On Thursday's training, I’ll show you my 3 favorite easy ways to find deals!

Jim, Wholesaling Sounds Great, but How Do I Find the Deals?
LOL…this is my FAVORITE topic: Marketing! Marketing is what drives-in potential deals across your desk. On the training I’ll show you how to get good at marketing, so that you can literally cherry-pick the best deals. How easy is that??
How YOU Will Do Your First (or next) Deal within 30 Days!
Imagine that…what difference will an extra $5k - $15k make in your life in the next 30 days? Pay off some bills? Take that special someone somewhere special? I’ll give you a step-by-step plan that show you exactly how to do your first deal within 30 days!
***But You’ve GOT to Reserve Your Seat for Wednesday’s Training or You’ll Miss Out!***
How Do I Find the Buyers for these Deals?
Again…my favorite topic, marketing ☺ Don’t worry…I’ve got you covered! On Wednesday’s training I’m going show you how to get the phone numbers for people who are paying cash for deals in the same area as YOUR deals!
What’s the First Step?
Here’s the deal…it all starts with education, and I’m going to educate the heck out of you on Wednesday’s training! Clear your schedule and get yourself registered for Wednesday’s training by clicking the button below!
Yes, You Will Have Access to the Recording After the Training!

Here's What You Will Learn On This Content-Packed LIVE Training:
  • How to find the deals that others don't have access too (off market deals!)
  • How to Find good deals...even on the mls (that's right!)
  • Where and How to Find Good, Honest Contractors 
  • How you can rehab dozens of houses at a time and still have time for your family (you can do this business part-time!)
  • How to Estimate Repairs Quickly, Easily, & Accurately with no prior construction experience.  
  • How to Get 100% Financing for ALL Your Deals....even when your credit stinks!
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