Do You Want to Make at Least an Extra $5k/mo. Wholesaling Houses?

Jim Zaspel's Wholesaling Success 1-Day Bootcamp 
Saturday October 13th, 2018
Are you looking for a way to make a lot of money without risking your credit or investing money?...
  What if You Could Flip Houses Using Less than $100 of Your Own Money?

Saturday October 13th
Jim Zaspel
Real Estate Investor & Coach
Courtyard Marriott 
4100 Presidential Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19131
You’ll Learn All You Need to Know to Wholesale Your First (or next!) House for a $5,000 – $25,000 profit 
I’ve Found Financial Freedom through Real Estate, and You Can Too!
My name is Jim Zaspel, and I’m a real estate investor that wholesales 1 – 3 houses per week, and I can testify to you that it’s a business worth your exploring. It’s changed my life and that of my family in ways that I get teary-eyed just trying to explain!

It’s turned me from a job-slave to a totally independent entrepreneur with the freedom to run my business and life the way I choose. It can do the same for you!

Here’s the Good News…

There’s only so much you need to learn in order to flip a house!That’s why I’ve broken down the wholesaling houses business into 5, simple steps, with an in-depth training on each step – with no fluff, just real-world “how to” info that you can implement to do your first deal within 30 days!

I’m not a professional “guru” or anything…just an average 30-year-old family man who’s figured out how to make a 7-figure income flipping houses, and…I’m willing to show you how to do the same!

It’s So Simple!

Each of us has a different learning style, right? Some people are visual learners, some audible learners, and others have to have some interaction in order to learn. That’s why I’ve broken down the wholesaling houses business into 5, simple steps, with an in-depth training on each step – with no fluff, just real-world “how to” info that you can implement to do your first deal within 30 days!

Get Live, Real Help from ME, and my team at my 1-day exclusive wholesaling bootcamp. 

Have you ever read something or listened to a training but wished you could ask the teacher / author a question? Well, I think that’s where clarity and real learning happens. My promise to you is, I will answer every single question right their live to make sure your clear on the action- steps you need to take, to get your first or next big check wholesaling real estate.
Here’s a List of Just Some of What You’ll Learn at My Wholesaling Success Bootcamp:
  •  How to find steeply-discounted properties that you can flip for a quick profit--- We’re talking BIG discounts!
  • How to “flip” a house to a cash-buyer -- without ever having to come up with the money needed to purchase the house!
  • How to find all the cash buyers you’ll ever need to buy these deals from you -- It’s SUPER easy!
  •  How to get Realtors bringing you cash buyers that’ll pay TOP dollar for your deals -- this is just one of the ways my team and I get cash buyers.
  •  How to make money with vacant houses-- Owners of vacant houses are some of the most motivated sellers out there!
  •  Exactly what to say to sellers to get them to sell to you at a VERY low price -- Literally anyone can follow these scripts to negotiate awesome deals!
  •  Your roadmap to success -- Never get “stuck” again, wondering what to do next. 
  •  Entity Structure & Asset Protection-- This stuff will come in handy after you start making money and get that big check
  •  Tax Saving Strategies-- With the strategies you will learn during this intensive wholesailing training, you will need to learn ways to legally and ethically limit your tax bills 
Here’s the Deal…Only 50 People Will Be Allowed to attend the Wholesaling Bootcamp!  
Because I only want people who are serious about making an extra $5k - $25k per month 

Of course it will sell-out very quickly, so if you’re committed to doing what it takes to create financial freedom in your life through real estate, then do yourself a favor and reserve your seat below!

If You’re Not Happy, I’ll Refund You 100%, No Questions Asked On the Spot!
You see…I make (a lot of) money flipping houses. Teaching other people this business is something I do because I enjoy it, and because I’m the kind of person that always needs a “project” to work on. So, I have absolutely no problem refunding anyone who doesn’t feel they got way MORE value than the small enrollment fee. 

 I’ll let you attend THE ENTIRE DAY, buy you lunch, let you stay through to the end to decide if it is worth your money! All you’d have to do at the end of the day is look me in the eyes and tell me that you don’t think the information you got will equip you to make $5k -$25k per month and I will write a full refund check for you, ON THE SPOT! 

So What Are You Waiting For? Sign Up For my 1-day Intensive Wholesaling Bootcamp NOW!

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